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Center for Living and Learning’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program is a Community Rehabilitation Provider certified through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Our trainees are referred to us through the TN Vocational Rehabilitation Department, as well as Williamson County School Systems.


We offer the ability to gain work skills through our Workplace Readiness Program. We offer horticulture therapy, art therapy, mindfulness and meditation, as well as the opportunity to practice working through our partnership with 2 local companies called Video Gaming Technology and Underarmed.

All of these activities, along with interactive workplace readiness lessons, allow us to teach soft skills, interviewing skills, self-advocacy, and many more topics that increase the trainee’s employability.


Our system is based on a continual measurement of individualized skills, talents and behaviors to overcome disabilities related to employment and fulfillment. Our staff are educated, State certified job coaches and Certified Employment Support Professionals with the ability to guide individuals with varying disabilities through the employment process.

Once graduating from our Workplace Readiness Program, our state certified job coaches are able to assist with assessments (job sampling/job shadowing), job development, job placement, and supported employment.

In addition we offers these great programs

Vocational Training “VGT”

We are pleased to report the Center has signed a new parts assembly contract with the VGT company. This work requires “hands on” assembly of video game panels. Residents are paid for their participation in this assembly process. We are very grateful to VGT Corporation for making this opportunity available to the Center.

Center For Living And Learning Arts and Crafts Program!

Trainees work once a week in a class with an experienced artist learning ceramics, painting, drawing and various arts and crafts techniques. These unique products are available for sale to the public!

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