The residential program addresses major mental illnesses including schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and depression. It provides 24-hour care and supervision for the residents and continues monitoring an individual’s progress after they leave the facility.

The program includes vocational training, job placement, educational training, and working to improve and refine daily living skills, independent living skills, socialization, nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional awareness. The residence program is currently licensed to serve twenty six residents in a Residential Treatment Facility

To be eligible for the Residential Program services, a candidate must be at least 21 years old and have been diagnosed with a major mental illness.

The Center’s multi-disciplinary team constantly evaluates the effectiveness of its residential program, measuring success on an individual basis through a Token Economy Point System that is goal oriented. We continue to case manage individuals who have graduated from the program and are successfully living independently. Our behavior modification model measures outcomes for each resident as well as the graduates in the community.

The Center has used a goal oriented system since its beginning. There is a constant attempt to meet and exceed the many individual needs of the residents. Center personnel, the medical director, and a licensed psychologist conduct evaluations and make recommendations on a regular basis . Each resident has an individual progress plan that is reviewed monthly to determine if they are meeting the goals of his or her individual progress plan.

There are no other residential treatment centers providing similar services in Williamson County.

Our resident activities program focuses on reintegration back into the community through socialization and self-awareness. The Center places a strong emphasis on the importance of this process. United Way funding allows the residents to experience more activities such as:

Recreational outings Church
Dining out weekly Movies
Concerts Art exhibits
Weekend retreats Music and yoga classes
Social functions at the Center Vacation trips twice per year at the beach and mountains
YMCA membership  

Phase II

Phase II is completed! We had our grand opening in June 2010 and three people have moved in. We are very proud of the Center’s new independent living facility. This project is the result of a great deal of hard work and the generosity of many friends and patrons of the Center For Living and Learning. The Jon Yarbrough family provided the lead gift in making this dream come true. Jon is the current Chairman of the Board of the Center and the Board of Directors take great pleasure in naming Phase II “The Yarbrough Family House.”

The general contractor for this new addition was Gianikas Contractors and handymans, look for the 6 Great Tips For Hiring A Handyman in Alexandria, VA. Tim Gianikas took the lead in seeing the construction to a successful end. To show the support of the Gianikas family, the project was built at cost of materials and labor. This type of generosity was repeated many times by other patrons of the Center who gave of their time and resources.

Phase II is approximately 4,000 square feet divided into 6 individual 350 square foot private units. Each unit has its own bathroom accommodation plus a large walk in closet convenient, functional storage space. In addition to the individual units there is a large community kitchen and commons area with comfortable seating and large flat screen TV. A utility room is located near the kitchen. The all brick building has hardwood floors throughout with 10ft ceilings and was built with state of the art spray foam insulation. A heat pump adds to the efficiency of this maintenance free facility.

In order to move to Phase II, residents must meet our Token Economy Requirement. (as described above.)

We are thrilled with how “The Yarbrough Family House” enhances the overall mission of the Center. It provides a vital step in enhancing residents to reach the goal of total independent living.

We invite you to visit the Center and get an “up close” view of this wonderful addition. But for now, feel free to look at some of the photos below: