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What is the length of stay at the Center?

The length of stay depends on how a person stabilizes to medication, and to the Center’s goal oriented program. The Center measures successful outcomes through a point system which is an individual program plan. Once these options have been achieved, a person is ready to move into a more independent setting.

What is the monthly fee?

Monthly fee is $4,100. Partial scholarships are sometimes available. This does not include medication, doctors visits, or personal items.

What diagnosis do you work with?

People with severe and persistent mental illness, typically schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression, in the residential program. The Center’s Vocational Training day program accepts other diagnosis. Individual screening is required.

Do you accept insurance?

Third-party insurance does not usually cover residential care. This has to be checked through the individuals insurance provider. The Center does not accept TN-care, and Medicare doesn’t pay for long term residential care.

If my family member is already able to live independently, can they move into your Phase II program?

The requirement for Phase II is that each potential resident demonstrate to the Center’s multi-disciplinary team the ability to live independently on a consistent basis.

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