Vocational Training

The Center for Living and Learning Vocational Rehabilitation Program is a non-profit Community Rehabilitation Provider, a United Way organization and a member of the American Horticultural Therapy Association. We work with individuals with disabilities through three different programs; The Horticulture Program, The Bike Repair Shop and the Arts and Crafts Program, helping them to become more productive, independent individuals, while providing job training and job placement within the community. Our trainees are referred to us through the TN Department of Human Services Vocational Rehabilitation Department. We work with trainees to develop job skills that will allow them to acquire employment. Our system is based on a continual measurement of individualized skills, talents and behaviors to overcome disabilities related to employment and fulfillment. Our staff are educated, State certified job coaches and knowledgeable about various disabilities.

We Give Back To Our Community!

Through our Horticultural Therapy Program, we are able to grow local, organically-grown, fresh produce! We sell our produce to you through a CSA Program. A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program is the basic principle of pairing local consumers who want fresh organic produce with local growers. A group or “community” of consumers supports a local farm by purchasing, in advance, shares of that farm’s next season’s harvest. Aside from receiving a weekly box of fresh, high-quality organically grown produce, shareholders also know that they are directly supporting a local farm, helping people as well.

In Addition, we have these great programs to offer…

Vocational Training “VGT”

We are pleased to report the Center has signed a new parts assembly contract with the VGT company. This work requires “hands on” assembly of video game panels. Residents are paid for their participation in this assembly process. We are very grateful to VGT Corporation for making this opportunity available to the Center.

Center For Living And Learning Bicycle Repair and Sales Shop

We gladly accept donated bicycles, refurbish them, and sell them at an incredible discount! We also perform basic repairs! Contact Us to donate or purchase a quality bicycle!

Center For Living And Learning Arts and Crafts Program!

Trainees work once a week in a class with an experienced artist learning ceramics, painting, drawing and various arts and crafts techniques. These unique products are available for sale to the public!