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Vocational Rehabilitation Program


The Center for Living and Learning vocational rehabilitation program prepares our trainees to work independently in the community. This is a multi-faceted, individualized process that can look different for each trainee. We believe in a holistic approach that supports the individual’s mental, physical and social health.

The trainees attend our program five days a week from 8am - 12pm. Through lessons, group therapy, and on-site work experience, trainees build job skills and life skills which prepare them to work independently.

This program has proven to enhance the lives of the trainees and result in volunteer and/or job placement for the majority of participants. As the trainees demonstrate appropriate skills on a consistent basis, we begin the process of job placement. In order to ensure successful, long-term placement in the community, we provide job coaching to the employee and disability training to the employer.


Because we are able to offer this type of support, our trainees are able to maintain successful employment.

Vocational Lessons


Our lessons focus on:

Mental Health Skills

We teach multiple modalities including CBT and DBT. We also teach coping skills, mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.

Soft Skills

These skills prepare the trainees for appropriate work behavior. They include: communication, teamwork, problem solving, taking initiative, etc.

Job Skills


Specific skills are learned in a group setting and also through hands-on experience. The trainees learn to increase their stamina and stay on task each day.

Creative Enrichment

Once a week, our trainees take part in a creative lessonclass for further enrichment, rotating between cooking, art and reading groups. This gives trainees the opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of these activities.

On-Site Work Experience


Garden Work Program

Our garden work program prepares the trainees for independence. Trainees enjoy all of the therapeutic and healing activities of working in nature while receiving a paycheck. We run a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with the produce we grow in our on site garden. The trainees are involved in all aspects of this process including planting, maintaining, harvesting and preparing produce for pick-up.

Craft Market Program

The trainees make goods which are sold at various markets throughout the year. Some of the goods that are sold include candles, ceramics, bath and beauty products, seasoning blends, baking mixes, and home decor items. The trainees practice leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills as they work together to make these items.  More information about the December 8-9, 2023, Christmas Market is available here.

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