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Good News for the Center for Living and Learning

Tennessee is offering a Specialty License Plate entitled “Let Freedom Ring” that will be an ongoing funding source for the Center once the Center has sold the first 1,000 Specialty Plates.  The Specialty Plate will look like the front of this postcard.  To be a part of the first 1,000 making a permanent and tremendous contribution to the Center, please send your check payable to the Center in the amount of $35.00 for each plate you purchase (e.g. two plates=$70.00) and send it to Atty Steven Compton P.O. Box 633, 923 Oldham Drive, Nolensville, TN 37135 ($35.00 per plate is the standard fee for specialty plates in Tennessee).

For questions call Steven Compton 615-483-0348 or send an email to or contact Fran 615-269-9932 or Scooter 615-845-6004. Thank you!

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